Edward Dean

Ed Dean, Principal of  Bernheim + Dean, Inc. is a combination of building scientist, design coach and experienced large-project architect, who has specialized in low-energy building design throughout his professional career. In 2012, the American Institute of Architects elevated him to the AIA College of Fellows, noting that

“Edward Dean has advanced the practice of sustainable architecture on multiple fronts: regulation, education, research, publication and the design of new buildings and renovations that raise the bar for sustainable design and low-energy performance.”

He was initially trained as an applied scientist, receiving a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from U.C. Berkeley, but quickly switched to architecture to focus his work on the design of the built environment and, in particular, the emerging need for low-energy building designs. While on the faculty of the Department of Architecture at U.C. Berkeley, he consulted with the California Energy Commission on new energy standards, worked with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory during the initial development of DOE-1 building energy analysis software and led a generation of architects through concepts of integrated design for low-energy performance.

His later extensive experience in professional practice as lead designer on major projects at nationally recognized firms gives him a realistic understanding of the building industry, its limitations and possibilities. He continues to work and consult on the frontier of low-energy building design as this industry undergoes the required changes to low-carbon and zero-net-energy buildings.